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Strum in sync with the melody and hit the right keys with Frets on Fire
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Developed by Unreal Voodoo, Frets On Fire consists in hitting the right keys and strumming in sync with the melody and the notes that are scrolling down the screen. You get points for hitting the notes accurately. For each ten correctly played notes, your score multiplier increases up to four times. If you make a mistake, the score multiplier is reset back to one. For long notes, the longer you hold down the frets, the more points you get. Chords award you twice the points of normal notes. The game has 4 difficulty levels which allow novice players to start easy and skilled players to play comfortably and with a greater challenge.

You can play Frets On Fire using the keyboard (F1-F5 as frets and Enter as pick), joystick or Guitar Hero controller. Frets On Fire is essentially a port of Guitar Hero and Rock Band, but for PC, Mac and Linux. Unlike in those other games, here you can download an unlimited amount of songs to play and even create them. Also, you can download and create new themes from fan sites.

Frets On Fire is supported mostly by fansites. A full list of these resources is placed on the home page of the game.

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